Friday, March 07, 2008

New Accelerated Computing Blog

Doug O'Flaherty joins Joe Landman and I in trying to sort out what is going on in accelerated computing in blog form. More synchronized neurons is probably a good thing. His blog title, "Lead, Follow, or..." begs a good question. The first thing to sort out: are we making waves, riding waves or just blowing bubbles? Considering the recent trend of bus-standard openness is his baby, I wonder if he agrees with my take on proprietary standards and the EDA business model miring the FPGA acceleration field (go back two entries).

His first post starts with a bang: "I am not a fan of blogs. In general, they are self indulgent musings in search of an editor." This basically sums up my writing for the past 2 years. Blogging helps the accelerated mind sort: if I didn't blog I wouldn't even know what I was thinking most of the time.

Now that both Joe and I have put a link to his blog, I expect him to make the top of the Google search for "Accelerated Computing" in no time at all :)

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