Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Product

In June, I started a company to make apps for kids. Now Tinker Heavy Industries has its first app in the app store:

Another educational app to teach spelling is currently awaiting Apple's approval. Our next app will be an interactive Little Red Riding Hood. We've done some work learning how to build touchable characters and environments. Here's a demo of me playing with Tinker, our multi-touchable ragdoll elephant (made in Unity):

Periodically, I find myself falling back to the usual musings of semiconductor physics and mathematics. Here's a ring oscillator. The PMOS width's probably need to be relatively bigger for it to be useful and I don't have any representation for the wells or a simulation including parasitic BJT's (my imaginary SOI process avoids latch-up by using magic!)

Naturally I've also been playing with Mandelbrot sets, bifurcation diagrams, audio synthesis, and Riemann Zeta function partial sums. I'll have to put up some videos of super nerd stuff later.

Here's Star's face 3-D scanned and imported into Unity!

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